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Nice Things Clients Say


"I was in an accident which was not my fault. Even so, I was receiving very upsetting letters from insurance companies and felt as if I was the one on trial. I made an appointment with Declan Duggan & Co. who immediately straightened out the insurance company and made sure that the accident was properly reported and that my no claims bonus was protected. It was all sorted in a few days and I got the full amount needed to fix my car. They even got their own costs paid by the insurance company too."

S Curtin

"I was nervous about bringing my claim after I was injured. I wasn’t sure how long it would take or what would be involved. Declan Duggan got a much higher settlement than I ever expected. It was finished in only a few short months and I was kept informed all along the way. I didn’t have to worry about a thing and he dealt with all of the letters I received. He told me that most claims are settled without going to court and that was how it happened for me. I couldn’t have been more pleased."

D Cronin

"I hadn’t bought a house before and we were recommended to go to Declan Duggan & Co. by our auctioneer. They got it in motion straight away. They were always available on the phone when needed and never made a promise they couldn’t keep. Our fees were agreed in advance and we knew exactly how much we had to pay for stamp duty and everything else. They also did an agreement for us to agree our joint ownership so we know where we stand. They even did our wills free of charge. We are now settled in our home and very happy with the service that Declan Duggan & Co. gave us."

B. O'Donovan

"My affairs were not that complicated but I dreaded making a will. Declan and his team made me feel very comfortable and the friendly atmosphere in his office made a big difference to me. He had a choice of standard type wills that I was able to use and I got my will done in my first visit. Now, I wonder why I didn’t do it sooner."

P Walsh